Executive Coaching

A coach cultivates and enhances the skills and talent you already possess. Not so much a teacher, but more of an outside objective listener and truth-teller, the coach holds up a mirror so that you can see and improve your behavior and interactions and level up your leadership.

You may choose to work with an executive coach for a variety of reasons. Many chief officers find that the need to enhance their skills at conflict resolution is a key factor in the coaching decision. Increased confidence, improved self-awareness as an individual and in their role, and better interpersonal skills are other frequently cited reasons to begin an engagement. Whatever draws you to seek out an executive coach, the experience is powerful in its effect on your leadership skills and your personal development.

At RoundTable Consulting, my focus is exclusively on the executive level: C-suite executives, executive boards (both “for-” and “non-” profit) and management leadership teams. Many different tools are available to be used in coaching, and each engagement is fully tailored to reflect individual needs and objectives.

Your executive coach listens, evaluates, and responds as a neutral and completely confidential sounding board–guiding you toward clarity, balance, and transformation.

Myths About Executive Coaching

Who is it for: C-suite executives, executive boards, management leadership teams

Strategic Planning

Traditional strategic planning is a comprehensive multi-step process that helps a business to formulate their vision and map out the strategies and actions that will take them there. A sound strategic plan typically includes establishing these key elements:

  • Mission and vision
  • Core values
  • Goals, objectives, and desired outcomes
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis
  • Action plan and measurement of success through key performance indicators

RoundTable Consulting works with businesses and non-profits to develop all strategic plan components, starting from a high-level analysis all the way through individual action items. The end result is that your team is guided through the development of a full strategic plan with deliverables tailored to your unique organization. You’ll find that the process is highly organized and requires the accountability of all participants.

Strategies and planning for the future may raise contentious topics or produce anxiety in participants; the presence of an objective consultant, with no bias, helps you develop a solution or come to the best decision.

Creating a strategic plan may also include conceptual or preliminary succession planning to help you determine if the time is right and what ultimate outcomes you would like to achieve.
RoundTable Consulting can help you lay the groundwork for a plan as well as help you navigate some of the difficult fundamental decisions that need to be made before engaging the services of legal or other professionals to create a full succession plan.

Who is it for: Executive board of any size non-profit or for-profit organization


Professional facilitation helps individual executives or groups to identify and solve problems, come to a level of understanding about a certain situation, communicate concerns with each other for the good of the group, share new ideas and work together to build on them, and make lasting changes that include establishing clear direction and next steps. Facilitation is an industry term used to describe an extremely compelling and effective way of working with teams and individuals that gives everyone an opportunity to be an active and engaging part of a decision making process.

Why is a facilitator needed? My job is to ask the right questions that lead individual or group discussions down a road of discovery and purpose. Professional facilitation will help you evaluate and develop solutions—encouraging participation and moving forward to accomplish the goal-through a guided discovery process.

Issues that aren’t discussed don’t just disappear because an organization doesn’t talk about them. Avoidance is not the answer; facilitation, on the other hand, moves the conversation forward and helps your team or board develop solutions and make critical decisions—together.

In addition to facilitation engagements established to accomplish your unique objectives, RoundTable Consulting offers some other opportunities for personal development and improvement in group communications:

Peer Advisory Groups
Group size and composition is limited but includes a diverse group of C-Suite and Key Executive leaders from many industries.  This confidential peer group is designed to strengthen leadership abilities and support personal development to help participants handle the unique challenges they face.

FemCity Collective
This innovative networking group hosts local events, online programs and live virtual classes designed to empower female business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders in business and in life. It blends education, purpose, mastermind methods, and connectivity with a diverse pro-women environment to lift you up and inspire you.
FemCity Collective

World Café
A flexible and simple but versatile methodology for hosting group dialog, World Café conversational leadership can be varied to meet the needs of your group or organization. It’s built around several core principles that lend structure the process of a series of small-group conversations, specially crafted questions, and collection of insights.
World Café Method

Leadership Retreats
Uniquely customized retreats for executive leadership team only, conducted on- or off-site, with the goal of creating better communication among teams or system wide. Retreat topics range from specific issues to organizational health.


Who is it for: Executive leadership, both individual leaders and leadership teams

Who I Work With

    • C-Suite Executives
    • Executive Boards
    • Management Leadership Team